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Whilst in ssa i was on the karamea, the dm and the doric and stood by ships too numerous to mention. Stewart, when i saw your name i recognised it from the ionic thats a long time ago. George mifchell hi george mitchell from john davies, i am sure our site followers will have enjoyed reading your many excellent detailed posts.

Canada discount micronase next day no prescription needed ! Httpwww. I sailed on the britannic in 19also did uk coasting on the southern cross and cymric. John davies started this site from his memories of shaw savill and most of the postings are ex s,s.

I joined the britannic in jan 1968 в my overriding memory was that there were 72 crew в 71 glaswegians & me from south london. They called themselves the mission belles and played to packed houses you were really squeezed in if you wanted another drink it could take ages to reach the bar. I would accept two complimentary tickets for a drag show in a well known tourist attraction in kings cross.

I would compete my apprenticeship on my 21st birthday and would have to leave so someone else could get a chance. There were spotlights under the boat that lit it all up. Pyrmont has a new overpass bridge ( old one still used now and then ) pyrmont is now part of darling harbor.

The sewage tanks were full so it was allowed to overflow the main engines were b and w opposed piston two stroke which i knew inside out. It was transported to hartlepool by a low loader to be converted into a fishing boat. Canada zidovudine same day delivery no prescription httpshaivitetemple.

Discharge australia, load new zealand discharge east coast america , ballast back to n. Russell hi mike kelly enjoyed reading your early days with shaw savill from catering boy to assistant steward and your recollection of richard ayling i am sure he would love to meet you again although from age 16 till now he may not remember your face as he did in those days, richard is a member of uk shaw savill society and regularly attends the reunions held each march in southampton next one 18-20march. Australia online cheap carvedilol no prescription needed httpwww. I believe we stopped at pitcairn island too but had to anchor off to discharge cargo. Clive very much regards chris downes very interesting website which makes great reading from so many shaw savill crew its great to read so many comments about many of our ships.

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Tosh 0 Viagra Episodes Buy Online

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Handcraft more than ever is a strong direction for the future. Since the two past decades, we have seen an increasing interest in handmade; first to rediscover nearly ...
Tosh 0 Viagra Episodes Buy Online Liverpool only to find the ship,after going to liverpool was in hull. Joined majestic in pireaus then to oddessa in the black sea. I worked on the afric which carried general cargo but was designed for wool bales, unfortunatly it was designed for n, I glad of my dads decision. Quincenears dresses give that style of glamorous sensation for anybody who wears it, and then any parent would absolutely adore their youthful kids transitional phase looking fabulously princess ?like. I used to see my parents in melbourne every time we docked rmgabbeoptusnet. Tonner i have just found this website and am pleased to see 2 names i recognise from my time as an engineer on the ceramic. Hi there, jimmy andrew of shaw savill times from late 1957 to 1965. Both george and richard ayling still attend the shaw savill society uk reunions in southampton every year. Pharmacy dapoxetine pharmacy no prescription ? Httpefestivals. Hattie mcdaniel kicked the bucket also there, and as a consequence comic bud abbott came in for therapy. Reunion 18-20march in southampton or nzaust society reunion in auckland 29april this year let me know if interested and can send details.
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    John sievewright, charlie white and fred dunn were three of them. Hi ian i can contact george and pass on your kind wishes and maybe able to contact richard too will let you know. I hope our shipmates dont find too many errors in these recollections. Hi, i too served as an electrician with shaw savill from 1967 to 1969 & completed 3 trips aboard the ss athenic, luckily just missing the trouble in the suez, when at least 1 shaw savill ship was stuck in the bitter lakes, i thoroughly enjoyed my short spell at sea & have since found out that the athenic was scrapped in 1969, so i imagine by the dates i must have done the last trip carrying cargo, trevor magnus hi i too served 2 trips on the doric 1955 as a steward, i live in australia. I remind you that the shaw savill society which has been operating for more than 25 years is still alive in both uk and austnz and we would welcome any new members.

    I started and finished my sea going period with shaw saville and remember many an enjoyable time running between europe and australia & new zealand(i now live in oz since 1966). Remember you and tony, burrows as well as lots more. I seen him on the ship i often wondered why he was doing what he did and not on a stage somewhere. I went near to the area, the 2nd mate was comforting and holding john on the deck, john was struggling and shouting let go, his voice was crystal clear. Nobby norton don joels charlie worthington - not his surname but his favorite beer dave senglow fridge engineer and a welshman davies.

    I certainly intend to look up autharium in the next few days and will obtain the books mentioned. Magnetic island what was a very small ferry, four trucks, or busses as the called them and some beach cafes are now replaced with luxury hotels when i first started writing these memories i never expected any comments back. All he said was one job at a time. Delivery gb uk cialis super active with no prescription httpwww. Stayed with the cross till1963 did one trip on the ceramic,left the sea forever, joined p&o for next 4 years after 3 months. Mitchell i forgot to mention on the way home pat had her 23rd birthday party i dont know how any anybody knew unless the chief steward seen in his paperwork, after my watch we got called up to the captains cabin. Cheap micronase overseas with no prescriptions )) httpmyqualitytea. Place in gb uk to buy zidovudine pharmacy without a prescription httpwww. Raewyn you should write a book george mitchell i would be one of the first to buy it ! I was only with shaw sav, for a couple of years but instantly reconised the content in your yarns. Online tritace without dr prescription httpsoldatko.

    Shaw Savill Line Memories. Duration: 4:04 minutes Accession No: TWCMS : 2009.384 This story has been viewed 186150 times. Summary John remembers his school days and his early working career.

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